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Welcome to!

You can find many blog skins and blog templates available for free on this site. All designs are done for recreation and are not listed for sale. Feel free to pick a blogskin from here and use it for your private online journals.

Our aim is to provide the blogging community with more choices and varieties with their online journals. Much like fashion, our taste and style changes with our mood, therefore, everyone needs a change from time to time. Only can we feel happy when we publish our thoughts and feelings on pretty pictures. We hope that from here, everyone will be able to find a blog skin that suits them.

Meanwhile, remember to check back from time to time for newly created skins. Because we enjoy what we're doing. (:


N.B: Blogskins are best viewed in Internet Explorer. Firefox users will find that some blogskins will have links that do not work.

Disclaimer: iBlogskins uses images and photographs collected mainly from various sources on the internet. Therefore, if you are the owner of the pictures and do not wish for us to use your pictures, please contact us and let us know. We will remove the blogskins immediately.




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